Affordable Rain Protection – Marmot Waterproof Jackets

Rain protection becomes a necessity in many climates, for many lifestyles and many activities. The ability to stay dry not only increases comfort but also increases our ability to perform tasks and hobbies at peak levels throughout a wet day.

Rain jackets are made in a variety of styles; the cheapest kinds barely stand the lightest of use. Most other quality models sport exorbitant price-tags. Many of us don’t want to sacrifice dryness for affordability.

So where does affordability and dependability meet?

waterproof mens jacket

Marmot 41200 (Men)

women's waterproof jacket

46200 (Women)

This is where the Marmot 41200 & 46200 PreCip Jacket shine.

Available in both men’s and women’s styles, the Marmot 41200 could best be described as a waterproof “shell” jacket.

Lightweight, yet sturdy – it guards fully against rain, snow and sleet. Do not expect this to be a “warm” jacket – it’s built to protect against precipitation. With its comfortable, smart design, it allows for layering underneath. We all have sweatshirts and hoodies to keep us warm. The 41200 acts as an outer layer to keep the precipitation off of our layering.

My own personal use for this jacket has been as a fisherman in the Pacific Northwest. As many are aware the Northwest is no stranger to frequent rain. As a fisherman I needed a lightweight jacket that I could wear over my waders in order to keep my shoulders, torso , neck and face dry. The Marmot does EXACTLY that!

Upon my first use of the jacket in heavy rain, I noticed that though the rain was pelting considerably at the jacket I did not get wet in the least. At the end of a long day of fishing my sweatshirt worn underneath was still completely dry! This is due in part to the smart hood design. One of the drawbacks of other rain jackets in similar price range is that the hood is not structured enough to deflect rain elsewhere.

The Marmot jacket has a structured hood design so that rain is deflected towards the back and sides, rather than dripping down your forehead and down your neck.

Further uses throughout the winter and spring in moderate – heavy rain yielded the same completely dry results. I was surprised and pleased to see the jacket hold up so well even with its light and unobtrusive design.

Let’s look at the overall design of the coat. The outer design keeps things simple but classy. It’s a modern looking design that compliments other outerwear without being too boxy or wide.

In men’s styling (41200) it’s available in three solid colors of Black, Blue Sapphire and Slate Gray.

fishing jacket

In women’s styling, which is a flattering fashion fit, it’s available in Black, Atomic Blue & Platinum.

women's rain jacket

Available at http://www.shirtspace.com

The fit of the coat falls safely within standard sizing ranges. People used to wearing medium t-shirts could safely order a medium with a little room for layering underneath of the coat. One should remember that these coats are a precipitation guard rather than a warm jacket so account for sufficient layering underneath.

These jackets retail for $105.00 normally but www.shirtspace.com is offering them for under $75.00 to registered users. Buyers who call within the next three weeks can purchase these rain jackets for a one-time low price of $69.95!

Call (877) 285-7606 and mention code “marmotjacket75” and you’ll receive the discounted pricing.

Order online:

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